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    Please be informed that emaratech TRN has been changed effectively from 1st Oct 2019, please reprint the receipt to get the new TRN number for the applications posted from 1st October 2019 onward.

    Failing to provide correct IBAN number will result in delaying the refund process due to IBAN update.

    Please attach valid residency for GCC resident for all entry permits applications to facilitate visa issuance process.

    DHA medical results are available through the integration with DHA. Please do not upload Medical certificate document while applying for residence services unless it is requested by the system or by GDRFA.

    Please note that an additional amount for Knowledge and Innovation fee will be applied on all services effective 1st of September, 2018.

    Based on the Federal Law No. 8 of 2017 and Decree 52 of UAE Cabinet related to value added tax (VAT), UAE will apply VAT of 5% as an addition to the total fees of the services which is subject to VAT effective from 1st January 2018.
    Note: Governmental services fees are not subject to VAT
    Government entities will apply 5% on services subject to VAT and collect it for FTA
    All VAT invoices should comply with FTA rules from 1st January 2018 otherwise it will not be accepted

    Starting from Thursday 4th May 2017, Service Fees will be increased to 15 AED per transaction.

    As per GDRFA Dubai instructions, all establishments and Individuals are mandated to upload a valid health insurance card or policy for their sponsored people while applying for residence services (new, renew and sponsorship transfer).

    As per GDRFA Dubai instructions, please ensure to enter the customer’s inside the country address and delivery address in details along with the correct landline and mobile numbers, and do not replace them with dummy numbers (e.g. 04000000). Additionally, it is not allowed under any circumstances to fill the typist or typing center contact information (mobile number and email address) instead of the applicant’s details. You must always fill in the information that belongs to the applicant only and in case of not following the above mentioned instructions or ignoring them, serious actions will be taken immediately against violators.

    We are pleased to announce that the following services are now available:
    * Online User Registration. Click here for user guide.
    * Establishment Card Renewal. Click here for user guide.

    If you are a typing centre owner, sign up now in order to obtain an approved printing license to print all electronic transactions of GDRFA-D. You can initiate the request to register your typing centre by clicking on the link Create new registration request for a typing centre. For inquiry, you can call the toll free AMER service number at 800-5111.

    We would like to introduce “noqodi” as a new payment channel. In order to register, sign up at